Solid line separator

Screenshot 2024-06-09 9.03.56 AM
how do I make a separator in a custom block

Try using ~ as the separator


Seems to work for me

untitled script pic (19)

oh thx. 1 last question how do i re-create
better list library script pic
in a custom block. i want it identical

If you run the V10 dev version and enable blocks all the way by shift clicking on the menu you can see how it could be implemented in pure Snap!

EDIT: Ninja'd

but yeah, this is the same as in the dev version.

woah. thats so cool

so how to i make that combined with my custom block functions

which ones? and why not just use priimitive?


In the newest version, you do not have to enable BATW to edit primitives.

Why do you need these blocks remade (if there is a primitive that does the same thing)
Also which custom block functions

i want to keep the selections of the block the same so i can make a list selection instead of having to always input a variable

better list library script pic (3)

A dropdown of variables?


ok will try

Why use IF <> IS A LIST? it always will be a list, right? or do you want it to error

wym. the if list allows me to still input variables or custom lists inside