Sodium (beta) Mod


I am working on a REAL mod for snap

Sodium will have more options than the normal snap! editor such as

  • Dedicated Physics
  • Easier for platformers

(Dedicated Physics ARE IN BETA!)

Download the project at this wixsite!

PS: @joecooldoo Could you share with me how you are able to get the link for the sodium project,
Similar to how you made Snap Jr. (epic project btw)

View the website here:

... is this a library?

EDIT: This is a library.

I made the same thing with DevSquare lol

This isn't a mod, this is a library... Also, what happened to Snapler, or whatever it's called?

This seems cool. I am planning to make a Smash Bros-like game so I will watch it's development with great interest.

@pajamaclaws21 For now yes. But not for long.

im trying to make it a mod but idk how to get the source code of the project. Snapler is something different.

Just fork Snap! on GitHub?

oh ok.

Let me just say, making new primitives in Snap! is a grueling process.

lol that's why i just added libraries
yes i have a snap! mod it's called oyster it's on github. it currently has many issues. it's not working amazing but i will be fixing it soon

Can you make a browser demo? I'd like to see what is inside those scripts.


it's a [scratchblocks] change y by (join (-)(fall) [/scratchblocks] script

So like DevSquare but less complicated and thus less advanced?

idk, it only has one bblock

[scratchblocks] fall (10) [/scratchblocks]

im working on it.

did you take it down?

can you link it here?