Socket io does not work

Why Does The Mesh backend
not work with
while it works with Snap! 6.9.0 Build Your Own Blocks ?

Seems that Snap 6.9 in embedded mode has JS disabled.

duh there is a topic about that.

Snap in embedded mode turned off JS extension.
Here, you have info about this→ Snap! version 6.9 and the JavaScript Function block

I turned on JS


Tussiez isn't here...

haha just joking test code emits ridiculous coordinates like

no they aren't ridiculous
don't limit yourself to -240~240 and -180~180

WAT?It rilly reports these?

You can open twice and look at Chrome Debug ToolsF12
, "Network"
,entry for "wss://snapmeshes.1800..."
,"Messages" tab.

Message are send between two copies of this test client. You may also run Snap! example with "UnnamedProject" as id to, see message flow.
BTW. you probably should choose some meaningful "socketid" not "UnnamedProject".
I'm not sure if socket server should store and send position of ALL registered clients at once. But record for one client only is returned by server.

ServerSide lag,ping 300ms.
Looks like even the theretically fastest method takes a long time (flask file op:200 ms,node var op:250 ms)

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