I need an account verification to be able to do certain things on Snap! but can't because it warns me when I go into the editor, but everytime i check my email, I don't see it anywhere.

Also, how do you share projects? :sweat_smile:

There should be a resend verification email button for you somewhere.

Are you sure you gave us the right email address when you signed up? When you open the editor, before you log in, there will be a resend-verification item in the cloud menu.

To share a project: File>Open or control-O, select the project from the project list, then click share, and then if you want to publish it (so it appears on the web site), click publish. (Then you can click cancel if you don't actually want to open it.)

I'm sure. I have no other account than my school one, which I logged into. And, NO, there is not a resend verification email in the Cloud Menu

you have to log out to see the reset verification email optian.

I forgot my password though........

if you don't know your password (which is not good) click reset password while you're logged out, or while you're logged in click change password. You should always know your password for something, and if you don't, reset your password to make sure people can't hack into your account. This is for all websites, not just snap.

There's not tho.......


Aaaand i can't get into my account.

if you reset your password, it'll send you an email with a link to reset your password.