So why was coder_07 banned

today @coder_07 contacted me on scratch stating they where ip banned. is anyone aware of why this happened. they tried contact us but it just gave them a 403

just to be clear im not advocating for an unban if what they did was justified. im just a sort of proxy convaying info

what was his project count? (spam ban) it could also be that the ip was banned by a different user on the same ip

alright ill ask

thats odd usually when your ip banned the forums are blocked as well

they can view the fourms but cant login to them

Usually that might mean its a big forum page that causes enough lag to stop the ip block page from being shown. like if you go to griffpatches page on scratch the ip block page wont show because of the lag

one moment i asked about what it looks like when they try to log in

if they attempt to log in it takes them to a 403 page. they are also here right now

Thats odd usually when you try to log in it just doesn't do anything at least thats what it does on the main website idk about forums tho

"when i try to log in to the forums it takes me to the 403 page again, in the editor it just says i've been ip banned" - coder 07

does it show when coder_07 will be un ip banned or is it just an apeal link

theres no appeal link from what i can tell
" there's no date or time for me to be unbanned, and no contact info" -coder 07

they also didnt do anything with the url block

does it say any of the following?: Sorry, we've had to block all access from your network because it was used to break our community guidelines.The people in charge of the network may contact us at (case #(random number)) for details.

this is a snap ip ban not scratch

Oh also i reached the maximum number of replies a new member can use because i only signed into the forums like 2 days ago


they didnt even use the url block so theres no way it could have been that

i think this can only be solved by the devs

they uploaded a few screenshots

theyve requested i @bh for this

It's been three hours since the beginning of this thread! I think you guys have unrealistic expectations about how quickly I read the forum. I do once in a while have to eat and sleep!

You're probably right that we should include an appeal link in ban messages. Meanwhile, will work.

I don't know why this account was banned but I'll try to find out.