Snowflake Simulation

So, this is something I wanted to do for a while now and might be one of my favorite projects I've made so far. It's basically a model of the growth of a snowflake and - for the results it returns - still fairly simple, depending on only 3 parameters. This technique was originally by this paper, I believe, and I used this great tutorial as a guide. Even though there it was made in Houdini, I'm very surprised how well it runs on snap (I tried my best, really).

When running the project you can press space to open a menu to control a few options, but I wrote more much about that in the project notes.

Here are a few pictures of interesting looking snowflakes I took

Snowflake 1 Animation 11

Snowflake 4 Animation 22

Snowflake 2

Snowflake 3

(Yeah, I admit it - this may be the wrong time of the year to make this but couldn't wait until next winter...)

If there're any suggestions/questions feel free to ask. I hope you enjoy it! :]

Edit: added gifs

Nice! But really none of your sample images look like how I think of a snowflake. The first two are six copies of a fractal leaf; the third one is closer, because the six branches meet each other so there's a continuity across the whole thing, but the xmas tree lights are weird; and the fourth is weird altogether.

Note the hexagon that emerges about halfway down and the circle that emerges halfway down that.

Yeah, I think I understand what you mean. I tried to make the grid bigger and let it run longer and tried to change the parameters midway through, which helped in some way:

Snowflake 1 Snowflake 2

Nontheless, snowflake or not, I think they still look quite intersesting. The third and forth image you mentioned weren't really ment to look realistic, but were just pretty satisfying to watch growing

Should have posted an animated gif! :~D

It took a while but the result was beautiful!
Nice project.

we cant do that on the forums?