Snowflake Fractal (art)

I never be a good person with pen projects but I checked my weak skills
and I made this:

Necessarily tell me if this project can isn't a fractal (have mistakes) !

Sometime, mistakes are beautiful...

Technically it is a fractal, just not a self-repeating one. Have you ever heard that the coastline of Britan is a fractal? Same thing; non-self-repeating but with complexity no matter how far you zoom in.

The coastline of anyplace; there's nothing special about Britain, although that's the example everyone uses for some reason.

In this program, I'm a little confused about all the decoration of the six big spokes that happens kind of all at once at the end. But it can't really be a fractal, I think, because the big asterisk is six-pointed, while the little ones are eight-pointed. (I noticed this reading the code, not from looking at the result!)

I was actually going to mention that, but I must've forgotten.

Thanks, now I know where I did mistake :slight_smile: