SnipReveal 2022 - SnipOS 2.1, SnipOS 3.1 and more

Welcome to the first annual Hyposyn Reveal!!

Today we are showing off 2 new projects.

But first lets talk about one of two things...

SnipOS 3.0.5

  • Fixed 'Unable to exit terminal" bug
  • Fixed "Unable to start tutorial bug"
  • Edited tutorial to say "Welcome to SnipOS 3" instead of "Welcome to SnipOS 2"

And more!

Check it out now! SnipOS 3.0.5

New Manual!

  • Manual is now a Google Docs Document instead of a PDF
  • Automatic Updates
  • Supports SnipOS 3.1
  • Fixed Most Grammar Mistakes.
    And more!
    Check it out now! SnipOS 3 & 3.1 Manual

and now, what you've been waiting for...

Introducing SnipOS 3.1 and SnipOS 2.1!!

SnipOS 3.1 - "3.5x at 3MB"

10x The power of SnipOS Beta
6x the power of SnipOS 1.5
3.5x the power of SnipOS 2
3x the power of SnipOS 2.1
1.5x the power of SnipOS 3.0.0

From now on, the ".1" of a SnipOS version will be like the more advance one and have the newest things.

SnipOS 3.1 has fixed many major bugs

Also the Revolution and Skylight Backgrounds have been updated.

Spike 1.2 Is now out on SnipOS 3.1!!

Multiple new commands have been added!

Check it out now! SnipOS 3.1

SnipOS 2.1

"A fast classic"

Now up to 15% faster,
SnipOS 2.1 has a classic look with new things.

Many bugs have been fixed and so many new things have been added!

You now get Fusion Motorsport AND Clickr!

Enjoy! SnipOS 2.1

Oh and,
One more thing...

Sorry if I got your hopes up but here are two more cool things!

  • SnipOS 4 will be released early december (to perfect it)

  • Check out "The SnipOS Series" Collection on Snap! The SnipOS Collection

That's all for now! See you next year!

Any questions or suggestions?

Yes, do you need help making a semi-functional AI for spike?

Yes please!


Why Spike still says time incorrectly? When the time is 18:09, it says The time is one hundred and eighty-nine.
Also the Fusion Motor-sport still displays zeroes in the timers as a turtle, not 0.

Omg, switch your time-zone out of SPKE then!

Spike still says that bc i don't know how to edit in the voice yet. only what it says.

fixing fusion motorsport now..

Sneak peek of a new SnipOS Version!

how is that a sneak peek

bc its showing the new design heres some more

i thought you said you didn't know how to make ai


better grab some popcorn for this..

well if you need an explanation on how to make an ai for your type feel free to ask.

please tell me how

I'm not going to build this for you, I'm just going to give you some guidelines.
Also if you are planning on making the AI learn from public use data, you should probably include a disclaimer saying Spike will use the user's chat history with Spike to improve its database. But if you just plan on teaching it yourself, there is no need.

Here are some things you'll need:

  • A list to store data the AI has learned
  • Blocks to easily interact with the AI
  • Blocks that detect the similarity between one string from another (it should report a percentage)
  • A cloud database (only if you plan on Spike learning from public use)

Here is how the AI should work:

  1. Read the input text and find a similar input from the database list.
  2. If a similar input is found, return the output for the similar input.
  3. Log the input. Link the input to the output if a similar input was found (Step 2).

This is how the AI "Learns".

  1. Repeat when a new question is asked.

I made some blocks in the past that made a chatbot for you but it broke.

oh ok

Correction: I meant "user", not "you"

I though so