Ok so the reason i haven't been active is that i got ip banned on my school's network and has been banned ever since. @bh or @jens please fix that.

Anyways, this OS has almost everything.

It has a...

  • Lock screen
  • Music
  • Applications
  • Wallpapers
  • Storage
  • Games
  • And more!!

I've been working on this since july btw.

i added so much stuff now..


In this new update, we added more apps and changed some things!

New Apps:

  • iON Music Player
  • Socket++ (Normal people can't access quite yet, but will be able to in the next update.)
  • PIXELSNAP for SnipOS
  • Notepad X (Version 1.2)

New changes:

  • Apps are now only on the taskbar (like macOS)
  • Removed main theme, now in the iON Music Player.
    that's all the major stuff, there are some more minor things though.

Changes that will be coming in future updates:

  • Redesigned Settings app,
  • More apps.
  • and more!

check it out please!

What? I'm not seeing that.

Are you sure? Because sometimes school networks block logging into an account, but not the site. For example, on my school wifi, I can access, but I can't log in.

Yes, i tried it yesterday. (i mean friday)

Yeah its because of the /admin thing on the homepage. and going to it 5 times would auto-ip ban you

no it was entering anything after /admin/ 3 times that would auto ban you

@jens a lot of my projects broke because it would use a blank ask box
Nice OS btw
Snaperdoodle is in there wow
Might want to update snaperdoodle this project has the broken version @sladescar

What IP address?

What? (What happened with blank ask boxes)

@bh If I look up to see what happens will I be at risk?

Note: I accidentally clicked on the link above and now I only have 2 more chances. Well I got the answer?

Yeah don't do that.

Won’t do it again!

I’m curious though; if you have the right permissions, as you do; would there hypothetically be a hypothetical administration panel or is it just developer information?

Neither; it's a port for the Snap! website to make requests to the cloud server, e.g., to show all those projects on the front page, to show your own projects, etc.

Oh alright; does the auto ban thing for security measures to stop a person from attempting to ’hack’ into the cloud?

Yeah, I guess. Could we talk about something else? Such as the topic of this thread?

Alright, so should i do the older one, or the newer one? (because the older one worked good.) also, thanks

I dont have it right now, though ill give you it after I go to school tomorrow .

newer. the newer one is the fix so you can actually use it.

alright i fixed it.



I am currently developing SnipOS 2, to give a hint I will be adding an app store!