SnipOS 6 For Legacy PCs! (6.1.0FLP)

SnipOS6 does not run well on my computer, so I decided to mod it without replacing Productivity!
It's not done. I wrote this "Illegally" (as in, without the permission of Hyposyn Software Authorities, idk if it's even allowed to be modded).

That's really cool!! One problem, ive found so far, the exit buttons don't work since the title of the first scene changed when you remixed it, Just change this
to this
on all the scenes with the red button image that says "exit"

Also it is allowed, in the ToS of SnipOS, you can make a fork of it.

Though I would like you to remove where it says in the about section where you added ",STDAPH" where it says Hyposyn Studios, since it's not a collaboration with you, just put "Modded by STDAPH" or something.

Just a reminder that every project published on the Snap! site is automatically licensed under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA) that allows modding.

Of course that doesn't prevent being polite to the original author.

yep, its fixed

I'm really dumb that I forgot changing the project name changes the Stage! It's now fixed. also, the text crediting my name has been relocated. it's now at the bottom left of the About window.


It is, as it is a Snap! project. You don't need my or any other Hyposyn member's permission.

Yeah, but this only goes for our projects ON SNAP! any where else and you'll receive a letter in the mail. /j

So basically, if it's posted on Snap!, that means the poster can't stop you copying or doing whatever with it?

Yeah, as long as for you using our stuff, doesn't break our and Snap!'s tos.

To joke: Not really lol, our GitHub (and Replit) is also open source and we don’t license a lot of our stuff (I recommend we use GNU Public Affero, which already exists on pysn+)


Actually when you publish a repl on replit a license is also automatically applied. If you want to license it yourself you'll have to upload it first to something like github, or just write it in vscode or something.

What is Replits default license?

(BTW: check Hyposyn/Hyposyn on Replit.)