SnipOS 6 (Build 6200 Update) & Discontinuing SnipOS 1-3

Today will be the last bug fix update for the following SnipOS Versions: OS1, OS2, OS2.1, and OS3.
The reasoning is because of how old they are and I don't want to update them anymore.

I'm going to let SnipOS Versions each have 6-3 months after they were released of bug fixes and security updates untitled they will be dropped from support

Introducing SnipOS 6 (Build 6200!)

This minor update includes the following:

  • Multiple Bug Fixes
  • Community Suggestions
  • The Padlock on the start-up screen has been removed
  • "Keybinds" setting removed
  • And more!

Check it out! SnipOS 6 (Build 6200)


The lack of a real file system(not just a row of scenes,we want nested lists of apps)

Already told you, SnipOS 7 has a file system, not os 6.

Reminders, Flip A Coin, Camera, Calculator (for now), and more, are apps that aren't in different scenes, but are in the main desktop scene.

oooooh nice
I thought that 7 is already on

no, it's os6 rn, OS7 is releasing feb 6th, (or sooner) i'm just running it through my test group.

I don't think the maps app is working as intended but there's a decent amount of polish to the project overall has a decent amount of polish but could be improved on.

Can you describe what's wrong? or what can be changed?

(btw Hyposyn Maps is made by @stdaph)

@sladescar, I was interested if I could make an app. What apps do you need?

Well, I can't seem to move around either by using WASD or arrow keys, or through the system of typing coordinates (although I might be formatting those wrong). I'll look in the code and say if I take this back.

Edit: Yes, I'm still quite confused

a coding app, like something like visual studio or xcode.

I'll have to check that out.

I think i know the problem, i made a new version of Hyposyn Maps. (Beta 1.6)

The one currently in OS6 is beta 1.4, ill update it.

On it.

to code what exactly? with blocks, text, and if text then what language?
i assume if someone's writing code they'd also want it to save, wouldn't that need a filesystem? would every project just be one file, a folder with many files, or something else entirely?
would code be able to use assets like images?

Idk, the user decides, maybe HTML, maybe .XML, maybe just a text document.

haha, yes. i already made that, its currently in snipos7 releasing in under 6 days.

Maybe a folder, and it be saved as a key.

We will see..

I was thinking of making a custom language and then compiling it to Snap! code when it is run.


Also I have 3 options for variables:

  1. Let the program access every variable in the project, which could be dangerous.
  2. Let the program only use variables that it defines, possibly using script variables.
  3. Let the program use the variables it defines all it wants, but ask for any other variables.
Edit 2

Yes, probably, since my language will be based on Snap!.


You should make it so the language can take inputs from the Snap! program, but not give it access to everything (unless you want viruses for whatever virtual OS you have it on which could be funny)