SnipOS 5 (v1.05) Minor update!

Ok so first off I removed minesweeper bc who plays minesweeper??

also, I fixed some bugs where the iconic snipos click sound won't play will clicking on menus.
also, some minor bugs have been fixed.

try it out!! Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

How thoughtful!

Totally not self promotion


I play minesweeper :frowning:

oh ill add it back.

and me :wink:

slowly raises hand

me too
have you ever played it on a windows 95 machine
or a windows 3.1 machine

ive played it in a 98 machine


i could never get windows 3.1 to load games


i dont even have a windows 3.1 machine

i put win 3.1 on my wii lol maybe that's why I couldn't load the games

woah how?

homebrew channel

oh ok

you know what that is?

yes i know what homebrew is