SnipOS 2 Trailer + SnipOS v1.5

SnipOS v1.5, Out Now!

First off, i fixes some loading glitches, some minor bugs fixed, and snaperdoodle should be running good now.

Check it out: SnipOS v1.5.2

Now the thing you've been waiting for..

It's done. will be released soon, i just need to add a little bit more stuff.

also we are Pulse Software now not dyesoftware (i rebranded)

Watch the trailer

SnipOS2 - Official Trailer - YouTube

Haha that's great!

Thank you! man i must have been the first to make a trailer for a project

this is super cool!!!!!!!

The best programmers are the ones who made Unix.Multiprocessing is the algorithm thats hardest to debug.

Better invent processes!(Hint:It should be easier in snap compared to c or assembly,due to the continuations and the fact that you could track a process number)

Ive made videos on my (now dead) projects before

Who are you quoting there? Thompson and Ritchie clearly made many visionary decisions, including inventing a special-purpose language to allow the Unix code to be portable to different hardware. But they also made some filesystem mistakes, such as allowing unlimited simultaneous reading and writing of the same file and leaving it up to users to create lock mechanisms.

oh ok

thank you!

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