i'd like to share my version of wordle written in snap:

i use a csv of 366 target words - one is selected at random in every game. it uses an online dictionary via api but this option is selectable at the start of the game. (if you don't use dictionary, the validity of the guess words relies on the honor system! if you use the dictionary, sometimes it's slow). for feedback on letter usage, i simply show list of remaining letters to use after every guess.

please feel free to remix it!

(for debugging purposes, you can edit the code and set debug-word to a 5-letter word and it becomes the target word instead of a random choice from the word list. set the value back to empty to return to normal run)..

I said "relay" and got this result. I haven't looked at the code yet.

Also note that the alphabet above the board is messed up.

this is what i got (with dictionary on)

funny game, i like it!

it's like mastermind but with words.

I did not know this game

My thoughts exactly!

Apparently the company that sells it was just bought by the New York Times.

where have you guys been! Wordle has taken the world by storm since it appeared a few months ago - 10 million people now play it worldwide! you should try it]

note - you only have one chance to play per day. after you solve it, click on share and you can post your "score" in social media - like this (today's game):

Wordle 228 3/6


Sorry I took so long to test

It gave me a tough one :slight_smile:


Main issue is that it took ages to check civil - to the point that I thought it had gone wrong and I nearly closed it down

I understand the reason for this but it needs to display something to tell users to wait

Excellent effort :slight_smile:

thanks for the feedback!
like i said, every time - i mean every time - i use that dictionary api (sample call on the browser, the result is instantaneous, that's why i included it in this version. i didn't realize the response time would be erratic. for me, most of the time, the response time has been acceptable though.
i've recenty discovered that there's a quick search block in snap

i don't know how fast it can search 12000 words (the search word list in wordle) . if the search time is imperceptible, i can replace the api. my other concern then would be the size - maybe it doesn't matter.

are you still planning to write your own version of wordle? maybe you might want to make a version of this:

the challenge would be in the validation of arithmetic expressions!

Probably won't (Not enough real world time at moment - we've a new puppy in the house!) :slight_smile: