SnapStuff+ 1 Full Release

Today, (well actually yesterday), I have updated SnapStuff+ version 1.0.0 to full release!
Any further updates will be under SnapStuff+ BetaVer 2 Dev (what a mouthful)


Here's what SnapStuff+ adds

A working [scratchblocks]glide (1) secs to [random position v][/scratchblocks] (tysm to @dardoro for working code)

[scratchblocks]<right mouse down?::sensing>[/scratchblocks] detects if right clicked (includes help menu)

[scratchblocks]<system theme?::sensing>[/scratchblocks] returns if dark mode is on through true/false (includes help menu)

[scratchblocks]<is [javascript v] on?::sensing[/scratchblocks] added an option to %setting and the is _ on block that reports if javascript extensions are on.

[scratchblocks]set [javascript v] to < true::operators> ::sensing[/scratchblocks] when enabled, it will create a popup that looks like this

Dark flat Design

When you shift-right click on a custom block, you will get this menu (once again, tysm to dardoro)

Also, we now have a homepage!

Well done to actually releasing a V1 :slight_smile:

Most mods never make it that far

Just a comment on

Back in the day, I believe the Snap! team looked into that concept but rejected it as they thought most people would just click OK without ever looking at the code.

That's why Snap! chose to make it that you have to go into the editor and click the checkbox

But it's good that you are still putting a pause into people running JS from your mod - at least it's better than just enabling JS without a warning :slight_smile:

A couple of little things:

  1. SYSTEM THEME? is a strange name for this predicate because you can't tell from the name whether True means light or dark! I suggest either DARK THEME? or SYSTEM THEME DARK?

  2. I think you have the wrong picture to illustrate shift-right-click on a custom block. (Nothing is in red.)

. 2½. This isn't one of your new features, but the graphic codes (arrows) along with the "move to top" etc. options are confusing, to me, because they all have two verticals. Move to top/bottom have two copies of a plain up/downarrow; move up/down have a double arrow, so again, two verticals. I think it'd be better to use plain arrows instead of double arrows.

And yeah, what cymplecy said.

Good idea, I was thinking of this, but instead opted for a help menu

I didn't even think about that, will do.

Heres the story:
I tried using $upArrow and $downArrow, but that didn't work.
So, I found a Wikipedia page with Unicode symbols. I found a double up and down arrow, which I used for move to top and move to bottom. I found a regular one arrow version of those symbols, but for some reason, it renders as, well not nice

Yeah, browser writers are weird about how they render things. Maybe you can use one of the more obscure arrows, such as ⭡ (UPWARDS TRIANGLE-HEADED ARROW, U+2B61) or ↑ (HALFWIDTH UPWARDS ARROW, U+FFEA) supposing your browser renders them correctly (or at all).

Alternatively, maybe you could use the double arrow for "move up" and "move down" as you are now, but use ⟰ (UPWARDS QUADRUPLE ARROW, U+27F0) for "move to top/bottom." :~) Although I admit that the quadruple arrow looks more like the icon for "home page" than like an arrow!

does it mean that it will enable javascript even if we press no ?

no- i meant you can enable javascript using ok, but it wont if no.

I tried making a yes button but couldnt get rid of ok

you should just change it to say OK instead of OK/No

yeah i probably will. Im taking a break from snapstuff for a while to focus on passing atm tho