Help make a text based programming language on snap!

what do you want the syntax to be like?

can you explain what each line does?

edit: wait, is it like javascript?

int x = 1 // makes a variable called x that stores an integer

fun say(str t) { // makes a function called say and gives it one argument called t that stores a string
out(t) // prints whatever value t has to the console
} // ends the function deceleration

say(toStr(x + 1)) // calls the say function and makes t x + 1 but as a string

ah, thanks. I don't have that much experience making a text parser that can, well, parse a programming language (efficiently), but I do have experience making a parser that can parse simple minecraft-like commands (e.g. /tp @p 0 0 0).

If you want to learn how to create a parser,

You just gotta backslash the extra closing bracket.


Or just use the HTML <a> element:

<a href="">test</a>

Wait so this is creating a new coding language for Snap! like JS?


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