Snappier! OS 2
Has not finished making file explorer yet(needs to convert file blocks before porting from snappieros1)
You need to manually port your project this time:you will need the blocks and variables of the os.

this is just a white screen, it says a custom block definition is missing

Because I was adding the rocket game and hadnt finished!

why did you post the project before it was usable?

it WAS usable,untill I decided to add that simulator
now it is usable again(the rocket simulator is quite laggy,i think that its only 3 fps without turbo mode)

oh and you need to press ctrl-space to switch to the tab after you click on the rocket simulator executable

(yeah i know that true multi-window-ing and true fullscreens arent implemented yet,and thats because the overlap of windows is quite complicated to process(resize event capturing,window reordering)

After you've publicised a project, save a new version (that isn't shared) and work on that one.

Then only re-save it as original project name once your happy it will still work :slight_smile:

yeah yeah you said that on my mqtt thread :slight_smile:
I forget it every time

this project is really slow for me
and rocket simulator doesn't work
its just a file explorer where I'm not allowed to delete anything
Come on man I just wanted to delete the system folder


its running on another tab and you should press ctrl+space

...if there were no more apps
also you can delete text files,but there arent any yet

thats why


yeah ik that it would go bam with your keyboard

Oh shit!I accidentally deleted the sqMag block and all the stuff went to undefined!Now its fixed

Now it supports multi window display.CTRL-space now acts the same way as imageand ctrl-up arrow acts like alt-tab

UPDATE!Now it supports real fullscreen.Press ctrl+0 to toggle.
Also,there is a new executable,Notepad.


  • Fixed bug of explorer thinking notepad absent(i.e error messages instead of notepad when trying to open text files)
  • Added pointer to notepad(only left or right,no moving up or down yet)
  • Forked for major updata(thanks simplesi for toptip)


  • Merged from fork /dev
  • Now you can make blocks files!(the blocks file must come from notepad->ctrl-shift->compile,and not from explorer->new-file)(you still can't delete blocks files because i was too lazy to delete that piece of code I don't want you to delete system programs)
  • Made demo program "testprogram/exec".(It is a virus!because it "illegally" starts an infinite loop without the use of "make a process safely without breaking everything"(look in the "blocks" block,i hand-picked some blocks just to prevent this,but y'no,i cant solve the halting problem) so it broke everything.You cannot get rid of it without restarting.can press a key to stop it because the "malware maker" was kind enough to "repeat until " instead of "repeat until <_="0""1">")

The syntax of the programming language:

ignore"A statement can be enclosed by '' and ';',";
(ignore"or '(' and ')',")
<ignore"or '<' and '>'.">
ignore"Spaces aren't nessecary;remove them if your code won't compile,";
ignore"because spaces in some places will let bugs pile.";
ignore"Af+3r @11,the compiler won\"t whip you when you write ninja code";
ignore join ["But after all snap rules must be followed:""you mustn't put a reporter into a C slot under lots of command blocks"];;
set__to "rules" (list["Variadic inputs are indicated by '[' and ']',""they do not mean lists,except when put into a list block.");
add__to "Unfortunately,there is no way to use 'input list' yet." (rules);
add__to "Oh,and '('+something thats not a block+')' is a variable." (rules);
ignore"Lastly we shall wrap our programs in a warp:";
ignore"the program must be one block.";