Snappier! OS 2.1
Update 2.1:

  • Merged from fork /dev
  • Now you can make blocks files!(the blocks file must come from notepad->ctrl-shift->compile,and not from explorer->new-file)(you still can't delete blocks files because i was too lazy to delete that piece of code I don't want you to delete system programs)
  • Made demo program "testprogram/exec".(It is a virus!because it "illegally" starts an infinite loop without the use of "make a process safely without breaking everything"(look in the "blocks" block,i hand-picked some blocks just to prevent this,but y'no,i cant solve the halting problem) so it broke everything.You cannot get rid of it without restarting.can press a key to stop it because the "malware maker" was kind enough to "repeat until " instead of "repeat until <_="0""1">")

The syntax of the programming language:

ignore"A statement can be enclosed by '' and ';',";
(ignore"or '(' and ')',")
<ignore"or '<' and '>'.">
ignore"Spaces aren't nessecary;remove them if your code won't compile,";
ignore"because spaces in some places will let bugs pile.";
ignore"Af+3r @11,the compiler won\"t whip you when you write ninja code";
ignore join ["But after all,snap rules must be followed:""you mustn't put a reporter into a C slot under lots of command blocks"];;
set__to "rules" (list["Variadic inputs are indicated by '[' and ']',""they do not mean lists,except when put into a list block.");
add__to "Unfortunately,there is no way to use 'input list' yet." (rules);
add__to "Oh,and '('+something thats not a block+')' is a variable." (rules);
ignore"Lastly we shall wrap our programs in a warp:";
ignore"the program must be one block.";

I dunno what slew this down tho(it has been optimized a lot,but still quite laggy)



Idk what to think about this
This is my personal opinion, so feel free to ignore me:
I like os's that have a nice looking graphical user interface.
Yours is kind of bland imo, and its really slow a d laggy
For some reason it kind of flashes every once in a while
Maybe you refresh the screen only when you need to?
Anyways, enough ranting about what i dont like about this project
Heres what i do like:
It operates somewhat like a real computer. Most of the programs and scripts are in files.
I also like thatbit has its own scripting language. Thats pretty unique!
If you can upgrade the ui a bit, maybe add some more apps, this would be a five star os!
Oh, you should also make an automatic project compiler that compile a snap project to an app on your os.

uh maybe you haven't seen some os called DOS
anyways maybe I'll improve this on my next release

yeah and I don't know why
maybe I warped something that isn't meant to be warped?

because you stepped in the middle of a rendering frame(fun story:the "spell check" in me corrected "of" to "pf",maybe i should spend less time doing physics/electronics/circuits)

nice thanks


yeah i released at this version because we have text editors already
next version i will either make paint(quite straight forward considering the way i am rendering stuff)or improve lagginess(if someone tells me how)

Short answer:I can't.
It's like compiling snap to scratch,only this time its an equally no ceiling language but with one sprite and no clones
My projects could be easilly converted because they have only one sprite and even just one script and you can easilly rearange them to make them fit inside a block.

But the bulk of your(by you i mean all of snap,except me and maybe a few people)projects have atleast 2 sprites,and have atleast 2 hat blocks,so it is not a startup/loop format,and more importantly,its not single sprite(some of them even use clones or nested sprites!(im not blaming you for being snappy,but your projects are really complex for my point of view))

But Snap! and my subset of it are all turing complete(the smallest turing complete subset i know:make variables,set variable,repeat untill,nand)
So if there can be a snap to scratch,there can be a snap to snappier os language

I made the paint editor but don't know why it isnt working.
Press c for color selection,t for text(at mouse pointer) and f for fill(at mouse pointer)
Press ctrl-shift for options
Mouse down for paint

yeah, paint isnt working.

Which is a rule that I violated myself by using the pen rgba,size,and trails.:man_facepalming:

Also,this is an actual snippet:

I must have not gotten enough sleep...(this is not how you short a predicate!)