Snapp! Application Customization

Please note this tutorial is for Windows Users and will about Snapp!, which was used to convert Snap Projects to Applications.

Some people might ask after converting a project, "How can I customize my brand new app?", the answer is here! This will show tricks using a program called ResEdit, which is a software that allows Windows users to edit, create, or extract files from certain files such as an .exe.

Before we begin, you need to load your project, open up ResEdit and select "Hacker mode"
Then click on Next and select the .exe of the project. Then it should load. If you already used this software and disabled this or cancel the wizard, simply open the file from file or the folder icon.

You can able to change the icon of the Project, select the Snap Logo icon and change it.

You are able to add new formats of icons, if you want to.

Then you can change the version info of the project, such as the copyright and description.


Is ResEdit free?
Yes it is, ResEdit is free without a licence. You can donate the creator if you want to.

Do I have to donate the creator?
You do not need to donate the creator, but it should be nice to so!

Are there alternatives to ResEdit?
Yes, there are alternatives to ResEdit. Such like Resource Hacker, Anolis, and PE.Editor or Resource Editor (both last are created by the same team/studio.)

Unfortunately, both PE.Editor and Resource Editor cost money to use, however, there are free trails for these software.

What does ResEdit supports?
It supports on Windows 32/64 bit computers.

Isn't a bundle in with Microsoft Windows? (from @bh)
It is not a bundled software for Windows, as it is not made or licenced software by Microsoft, the creator of Windows. There's a chance you may be mistaking for something else. (including @bromagosa)

Are there alternatives if you are a Linux or MacOS user?
I do not know, but I could not find any alternatives. Please feel free to share alternatives you have.

Can I used WineBottler (or Wine)?
I am not sure it does work, but it doesn't, I am sorry about that.

Should I use a Virtual Machine (VM) so I can use this on an actual Mac or Linux Computer?
I should say a Virtual Machine is the best choice or the last resort. Instail this software on a Windows VM. Software such like, but not limited to, VirtualBox or VMware's VM software like Workstation are VM Emulators or Players.

Have Questions? Let me know!

Isn't ResEdit official Microsoft software that comes with Windows? No need to donate to Microsoft; if anything they should donate to you! (Or us, for Snap! improvements. :~) )

To answer your question, the simple answer is No. ResEdit is likely not made or licence by Microsoft, and it isn't bundle with or come installed on Windows. However, I do not know the author's name. I tried to look it up, but it's about Mac's old software with the same name. And you do not need to donate. Software such like Object Packager and Private Character Editor are tools created by Microsoft and are bundled in, but you need to take a closer look into them if you want to use them.

Huh. I guess Microsoft is following the general trend of companies thinking their users are idiots. The last Windows I ever used was 2000, and it sure came with ResEdit. I guess they spun it off -- maybe because of the old antitrust case?

I installed Windows 2000 on a VM, but I do not see any ResEdit on it. It's likely that someone installed it on it or something. I am not sure, but ResEdit being a Microsoft product is unlikely. If it was, then I should guess that Microsoft doesn't like its users going mayhem.

Huh. Okay, maybe it was a developer option or something. I couldn't live a day on Windows without it.

I think @bh is mistaking ResEdit for RegEdit :stuck_out_tongue:

or the Registry Editor.

Nah, ResEdit was definitely probably maybe a Windows thing

Right! Been a long time since I used Windows. Duh.

Sorry for necroposting, but on Linux you have to change the settings in the DE. Linux only has the idea of executables, it doesn't know about the icon or the creators since it's not a GUI focused system.
For MacOS you can try this.