Snapinator development (Snap! programmers wanted)

It turns out the pitch effect is nice and easy to replicate. Don't need to touch the audio samples at all.

sound test script pic

(Btw, I think it's unfortunate that Scratch uses all these weird, opaque units like decisemitones. Snap! does it right by using the SI unit for frequency here.)

there's a problem with that, when stop all sounds block is ran, the block keeps running without the sound.

sound test script pic (1)

much better (also, here's the script, but you can also use a list of samples in the input

and these work because the new sound reporter is much faster than in snap 5.4.5

Very nice! I love how you use the new audio primitives in exactly the way I was hoping them to be used, including looking up the equal temperament formula as discovered by 朱載堉 Zhu Zaiyu「律學新說」and formulated by Simon Stevin in the 16th/17th century!
BTW I'm going to show something very similar, the Karplus-Strong "digitar" algorithm this Thursday in my EC-TEL keynote address "The Music Comes Out Of The Piano" Apparently that talk is going to be live-streamed to you so don't have to register for the conference to watch it.

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Keynote at 8:30am in what time zone?

CEST, the conference was going to take place in Heidelberg before COVID-19 turned it into an online event.

So if we're still on Daylight Savings Time it's 00:30 for me. :~/ I guess I'll still be awake...

So that's 2:30 AM EDT. I'm up that late right now, but I really shouldn't be. Especially shouldn't stay up an extra 90 minutes past that, so I'm afraid I won't be able to watch live.

JS code for this block:

speak [hello] ::pen

var msg = new SpeechSynthesisUtterance("hello");

Yes, I know that there are other blocks that change the tune of the voice and this command can't do it.

Block code I made:
Micro_Bit Lite script pic

JShint:Redundant code "window." detected.
lmao just joking


Yep! Chinese prince of the Ming dynasty, mathematician, physicist, choreographer and musician. Famous for his work on equal temperament in music.

is he 朱元璋?
oh no i see

I don't know Chinese letters, but I've also found him spelled 朱载堉 or referred to as 鄭端靖世子


I stayed up later than I intended again, and the stream doesn't seem to be on the YouTube channel. :frowning:

Hope I can watch a recording later!

Streaming now!