yes and yes please

let me see what i can do

ok, i should get my refund robux (assuming it still's active) in a week

The price is now 5 Robux

ok, thx, but link?

The "cut from" and "paste on" blocks shown there reminded me of a question I had. What do those blocks do?

The paste on block, pastes the current sprite costume onto the costume of the selected sprite. If you don't use it while the current sprite on the selected sprite, it won't do anything. It just pastes iself onto the sprite, where it is on the stage.

The cut from block is like the opposite. Instead of pasting, it cuts the shape of the current sprite costume, from the selected sprite costume.

A really fun thing to do with this, is make a sprite 100% ghost effect, allow it to move. Then in the non-hidden sprite, just forever switch costume to default costume, tell other sprite to cut from/paste on sprite. (Sorry, I can't think right now)

Huzza! I'm back from the dead (talking about death, happy Halloween!), with a good friend of mine (and his $1 that he spent to make a Chrome Store account) we where able to upload SnapFox to the Chrome Store. There was supposed to be a whole new revamp with cool features but we I ended up scrapping it.

ps. Sorry for taking so long to get it to the chrome store. :grimacing:


a little offtopic but our pfps are practically the same


Scratch Style
(mine is blurry on purpose)

lol, ok

btw nice extension

Released Version 1.7.0!

  • Firefox accepted quickly
  • Chrome still waiting on....

Just some minor fixes

If you have any ideas or would like to contribute, don't be shy :slight_smile:
SnapFox turns 1 year 2 years tommorrow!!!! :grinning:

I think snapfox should have features that also adds functions to the editor

the way snap is programed is a bit hard to modify the editor

Kind of, but I've devloped a way that I can do it with few problems.