SnapForks Official (Part 1)

New Relocation! Discuss here.


Your username is literally "SnapForks". Wait....are u @danielthebanana4?


Cool! How did you make a new account on the Snap! Forums? I tried to make a new account on the Forums but I wasn't able to do so.....

Huh, not very detailed, but I will make a topic on how to make a new forum account anyways. To save you from the stress of having to explain further details.

Yah, just make a new snap account because the forum one is linked to your actual snap account and you have to make a new real snap account to get a new forum one.

Oh, so your saying I have to delete my funtime_foxy101 account and make a new one?

No, don’t delete! Make a new account no deleting

Yeah, but how do I make a new account on the Snap! Forums without deleting the account I use to make a project? I already have a new account ready-to-use, but the problem is, I can't log into the new account I made on the Forums.

She made a new email.

use another browser, i used safari instead of chrome.

I can't change my browser, admin blocked my chromebook settings, my everything settings. They blocked the browser I am on right now.

Well I can't see how you can do it. :confused:

Let's Get back on Track!





Done check the pull request, and the one on my forum system.