SnapBooks collaboration!

Hello! So recently, there have been a LOT of E-Book services! Like Kindle, Audible, AppleBooks, etc. And seeing that everyone likes to make collabs about things, I decided to make a collab for E-Books as well!

Basically the way this works is that everyone who wants to participate gets a sample E-Book for SnapBooks. They will edit this and add text. They can put as many pages in the book as they want.

After you are finished, you can add it to my SnapBooks collection! Everyone will get to see each others books!

To see the Collection, use this link: SnapBooks

To get started, use this link and get started on making a book: SnapBooks Template

Have fun! I can't wait and see what you create!

Something I forgot to mention:

I do not have a list for the Dev Team as anyone can make a Book for my SnapBooks project.

You cannot add a project into the collection until my approval. Here's what I don't approve in your Book:

  • Violence, murder, and gore (Unless it's a nonfiction book)
  • Blood (Again, unless it's a nonfiction book
  • Something that is NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

So we have to make each and every page:(

Please don't collect books that are in copyright. That would be likely, imho, to attract unwanted attention, more so than, say, using one song as background for a project without permission. This would be more like building a competitor to the iTunes store without paying royalties.

So, basically... anything that's against the Snap! rules?

I feel like these should go under the same category.

Hm...That would be a problem

There are plenty of books out of copyright. Check out Project Gutenberg.

Recently? Most of the examples you listed have been around for 10+ years.
Also, as I stated in another topic, the collections in Snap! don't work like studios do in Scratch, so currently no one has permission to add projects except you.

Oh, well, you can tell me if you have a book. I'll go review it and if it is good, I will add it

@sir_kitten2 i made Chrome Music Lab - Song Maker you could use that. It’s a chill video game theme.

Um...What does this have to do with my SnapBooks collaboration?


Is crome music lab open source?

@bh said something about music

Yes. Look it up.


I didn't mean to turn this into a thread about music; I was just making an analogy between songs and books: Using one of them is less likely to get you in trouble than building a superstructure to distribute zillions of them.

It's not really off-topic since you mentioned those examples yourself and said "recently" which they weren't. Besides, if you think something is offtopic just flag it and don't post about it.

NEW FEATURE! Songs, podcasts, and audiobooks have been added! You can now put songs, podcasts, and audiobooks into SnapBooks!

Un copyrighted song by me Chrome Music Lab - Song Maker