Snapblocks (Part 1)

I'm also American, but im not even sure which is the american "gray"

Why are we speaking Spanish when everyone in this thread (at least appears to) speaks English? Lol

It started with this post:

Or more like this post.

it started with this

Well, I just got back from a trip, and was able to fix the issue very quickly (which makes me wonder if I could've just done it on my phone...).


You guys have been asking for a very long time, and I have been procrastinating adding them, but I finally added the true and false boolean slots!

<> <f> <t>

snapblocks (1)

Now you don't have to do weird things just to get something that looks like these (or at least, when I release 1.4.0).

P.S. It might be worth noting that these only exist in the snap style right now. I'm going to add them to the scratch styles sometime later (before I release 1.4.0).

lets go! id like to ask one thing though, what happens to byob true false blocks?

Oh, you just put a backslash before them.

<\true> // BYOB block
<true> // snap block

How do I turn them on for use?

What do you mean?

You use it, but I can't.

Are you talking about the booleans in this post?

That and the other Snapblocks.

Those are currently only in the dev version, so you don't be able to use them outside the dev site until I release 1.4.0.

What about the ones not in the dev version, or are all of them only in the dev version?

The BYOB true and false blocks are not in dev, only the snap true and false blocks are. I don't know what else you're looking for.

test { hi :: operators } :: #62c213 Nothing works.

That should work on

But github's blocked for me.

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