Snap4Arduino Ver 6 Features ?

Is there a link to a page that describes the new features / changes in the most recent version of Snap4Arduino (i.e., Version 6)?


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I don't think there is a changelog page. @jguille2 worked on the new version and will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the changes were essentially upgrading to Snap! v6.

Thanks for the clarification.

Maybe not placed correctly in this post, but a related question:

There is a micro:bit Firmate firmware:

Is it proper to try to use it to link micro:bit to SNAP! or SNAP4Arduino ?

I tried and was able to establish a link on first try. Could read some ports etc. But then it stopped working, saying "could not connect to board". No matter what I tried would not make it work.

This is NOT a crucial question needing an answer. If there is a known simple answer that's fine. Else don't spend cycles on it.


You can check the release notes at

And yes! The important thing is that it is the Snap!6 Snap4Arduino version. You know Snap4Arduino goal is adding to a full Snap! (the really important thing) some extra features to allow its connection to our real/physical world.

Yo can see we have added some extra libraries, supporting some specific boards and shields. The real intention is not so much to give specific support to a particular material, but to exemplify (anyone can build a library easily) what can be done with Snap4Arduino.
At the Snap!Conference the topic appeared (what micro: bit offered that Snap4Arduino did not have) and I would like to insist that the level of abstraction in Snap4Arduino is not an end in itself, but an opening of possibilities (to be agnostic at the level of hardware and have no commercial products behind) that can be easily specified.

As an example, I attach the blocks of one of the boards (the new Echidna). But I insist that this can be done (everybody can do it) with any other board or shield with a defined configuration.


About micro:bit with Snap! / Snap4Arduino... we can continue this other thread...