Snap! Utilities

Weird new blocks.

These blocks require JavaScript extensions to be enabled.


  • Changing the font of the Snap! GUI (in case you don't like the current font).
  • Adding hours to the sounds tab (e.g. 60:00 to 1:00:00)
  • Inverse the colors of the GUI to make it look like light mode.

Want to use it? Import this image below to the Snap! and they'll import the blocks:
Useful Blocks script pic (1)

Or go to this project: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Somehow your block:

… will change the Snap! GUI’s font to the one I previously selected (this is on an iPad 2, 2017, iOS 17.3).

So if I start by commanding Times it will still display the standard (Arial) font. If I subsequently command Impact, it will use Times. If I command Impact again, it will keep displaying Times, until I command e.g. Courier, and from then on Impact will be used.

Did anyone else notice this weird phenomenon?

Partially yes, I figured out that the font only changes to things in the GUI that updates text.

Did you use my convert sound to mono block?

Because if you did, I don't care.

Also, I personally think Noto Sans fits well with Snap!, especially flat mode.
Default Editor
Flat Editor

I just wish that the font option could save over future uses.

If you could use bookmarklets, you could make one that runs this. Or, if you have that one chrome extension, you could make it a userscript.

I believe Roboto or Rubik works much better.

I can't use bookmarklets, since "my organization has disallowed it".

But I do have another computer that isn't for work, but I just use it to make things on Roblox Studio and respond to forum posts, which I do for fun.