Snap using python

I would like to know if in Snap it was possible to add or that phyton language code appears as I add blocks.

Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

TL;DR: No.

More detailed answer:

Snap! is not just an alternate user interface for some other language. The blocks are the actual code. So, no, there's no way to "look behind" the blocks and see Python code.

What we do have is a feature called "Codification" that allows you to translate the blocks to whatever other language you want, but it's not just clicking a button; you have to write the translations for each block yourself. If in Snap! you choose "Open" from the file menu, then in the open dialog you click the big "Examples" button at the left, then choose "Codification" from the example projects, you can see how it works.

Some Snap! users have made libraries which makes the blocks look like Python Code. So you can try them.

(Although I wouldn't call them libraries, more like "Projects You Can Use". I'll just call them PYCU's...)

Snapcon2022 recording - PyBlox

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Just saying, if you want me to make a Python Library, I will.

If it served me. Thank you

I would like that.

I would like there to be a python library. If you want and have time, do it. It will be very useful to me.

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