Snap! Updated Costume Editor

I just wanted to make a discussion on the Snap! editor. It is a good editor, but I feel that it could be improved somewhat so. Snap! is a fairly recent website, so I understand that changes are hard to make in a short amount of time, but the editor could really use some improvement. I find it increasingly difficult to make art, and animations are almost impossible. This may be simply because I am not used to it, but I would like some feedback on this discussion. Thank you!

Help me to keep this discussion going please!

With Snap!, its much better and easier to make up anything more than simple costumes in an external graphics editor.

It started as a scratch 1.4 mod, then jens completely remade it in javascript in 2011, so it is not recent at all, in fact it's 12 years old.

That's terrifying.

Yeah we know. It's on our medium-term list, i.e., don't hold your breath, but we won't be satisfied until we do it.

Do you have any tips to help me with the editor? I'm used to Scratch, and I guess I'm not quite ajusting to Snap! I do like how the blocks are more advanced, though.

Yeah, I should've done my research before making this discussion. I'm sorry. . .

Page 168 in the manual gives you the basics

But as I said, much better to use an external editor and then import in the resultant images.

You can even use the Scratch costume editor and export .png files from there :slight_smile:

That's a good idea! Yeah, I better make sure to change the file so it doesn't turn into bitmap!

(I don’t mean to be rude directly to any of the snap devs here, id rather have it than not and I know they where just trying their best)

I heavily heavily agree with this, the costume editor is rediculously limited
It’s not even good for making programmer art, that’s just how limited it is

Unfortunately there’s not just a few specific things that are wrong with it. It’s really just the entire thing that’s horrible. I don’t even know what can be done to fix it outside of just taking the scratch one, but that’s not a possibility

The only real solution is to entirely overhaul the entire thing

Snap! know the limitations of the Paint Editor

But just to add a bit of perspective
The vast majority of Snap! users are students learning to program

Not creating games or using it for big, personal project but learning programming concepts in classrooms.

The current Paint Editor is just a basic facility that lets you quickly make simple costumes.

IMHO - learning to use external graphical editors is a "good thing" for games/art designers.

And as I've said, if you love the Scratch costume editor - you can carry on using it and just export them and re-import them into Snap! :slight_smile:

That’s kind of what I’m trying to say (just had a hard time putting it down)

The costume editor doesn’t need to be good because it’s almost never used due to that

Oh, you're talking about the vector editor! Yeah, that's quite minimal, especially if you want to edit a vector picture you imported from some other site.

Yeah, I would really love to have an editor like Scratch, but I also like the whole look of Snap! slightly better than Scratch!

Funny; Snap! looks like Scratch 1.4; we like it better than the more recent Scratch looks too, but to each their own.

Yeah, I am thinking about using Snap*!* more now!

Personally, I would enjoy a pixel editor for making pixel art for more advanced games because currently I would have to stare at my computers pixels to get a good block/accurate tile/square to be equal in pixels examples are making a 50x50 pixel square for a simpler grid.

Yeah. I've been in this community since I started middle school two years ago and i still feel like a new person here

looks better imo

untitled script pic(3)
if you want, you can make a simple rectangle(or square) costume using this

Wow, thank you so much! This is the kind of stuff you can't do on Scratch easily. . .