Snap to native

is there some form of Snap to C/Rust/Whatever so I can try and run it natively. cause some (totally sane) people have made similar things for scratch and I wondered if they also exists here


I'm pretty sure they're talking about

I've read that part, which triggered my question.

basically turn it into a app that I could put on my laptop (hopefully with performance gains since I am no longer using JS in the middle at that point)

Rather TurboWarp or Leopard.JS

You can try Snapp!, to convert Snap! projects to applications. However, it may not support the latest of Snap!

I don't see how those have anything to do with the topic, as both of those are javascript.

TurboWarp just compiles directly to javascript using huge optimizations, resulting in unreadable code.

Leapord.js converts a scratch project to readable javascript code that is easy to understand.

That also uses javascript. While you do get an exe, what really happens is it's basically just an offline html, css, and javascript engine. It's specifically electron.

None of these are a reimplementation of snap in a low level programming language.

edit: actually electron is literally just chromium with node.js, so it's literally the same as your browser.

cause yeah my simple platformer is slow and it seems to get slower each time I run it

Converting it to native code is not gonna solve the problen. I'm sure you'll be able to optimize the code to run faster. Also, a common part about programming is figuring out what is making the program (or project) run slowly, and fix it.

(wheres the profiler then)
I remember on a previous project the performance got kneecapped by having a sprite speaking while doing rapid movements.
I wonder what it could be this time

I thought Snapp was outdated and didn't work anymore.

That's why they said

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