Snap! tells me "changes may be lost" even though i just saved the file

after i save the file and try to close the window, it asks me wheter i really want to because "changes might not be saved." i'm using the app installed from chrome

its chrome's fault ig

sometimes, the browser doesnt check if something is saved

same in firefox

gnome web does not ask me even if i didn't save

I'm having this issue too on chromeOS. It's very annoying.

as you might now browsers can only pup up a notification on exit. There is no way to conditionally show it. That's why we're always showing it instead of never.

would you rather we just always silently close your tabs, even if you accidentally do it? I can just imagine all the howling about "I lost all my work".

From my experience this doesn't seem to be the case, like in scratch it silently closes if you saved, but it has a popup if it isn't saved.

Reminds me of a time a few years ago a kid shut my laptop after I made a lot of progress on a project and hadn't saved yet

Scratch has autosave.

I was talking about Snap
I've been using Snap for two years

Oof. Yesterday my chromebook died unexpectedly and I lost all of my progress because I hadn't saved yet.

Rip. I made a book project using Snap and my Chromebook died when making it.
Luckily, I made a small auto save script that saved every twenty changes or every five minutes (which is pretty close to how often I manually save now) so it wasnt too detrimental, but it still sucks when it happens

Can I have it?

Yeah I'll try to find it

The link is broken.

i googled how to do it, return; from onbeforeunload works to not show the message

i submit the change: dont show warning onbeforeunload if no unsaved changes by 2-www · Pull Request #3361 · jmoenig/Snap · GitHub

What they mean is, when it's not saved, the popup shows up, but after it saves, it goes away, until you make a change. Plus, I did some googling, and it looks like it can be conditional.

I personally think that the popup should be kept no matter if the project is saved or not. It's not even all the big of a deal, you just have to confirm that you want to actually close the tab.

yes this is what i did in the pull request

while it's not super annoying, it's also not user friendly for new people, those who don't know snap behaves this way might think that saving didn't work when they see this

There is a text popup in the middle of the screen that says that the project saved. Plus, I feel like people should be used to seeing the popup on other websites.