Snap!station idea

So I just recently discovered something called snap!nix neo now I was the original idea and I created snap!nix 1(not the neo version) but anayways let’s skip to the point I was thinking that I could turn snap!nix Neo into a gaming system or a video game thing(like you know a play station) but this time I was thinking we can’t insert discs so I thought that for this maybe we could have a file format that is only compatible with this Gaming system like something like .snapg and here is what I think this should be like

  1. This should be based off of Snap!nix Neo as it’s operating system
  2. This should use a custom file format for games
  3. The games must be written in something like Snap blocks but h9w would you store snap blocks well I was thinking we could convert It to text like newSprite and newSprite.move and other stuff
  4. Use your imagination add other stuff if you want
    You don’t have to abide by these rules this Is just what I expect or want the only thing I need in this is the extension from snap!nix neo

I have experience with file formats

Ok you could probably help if you want to I just need someone to make the base project and I need it to extend from snap!nix neo

I think that Snap!nix Neo is not stable enough to be used as the basis for anything yet, let alone a games console. Let's get touch working first, at least.

Ok.what’s touch?

A function/program that creates a file or directory.

Why don’t we just copy it from original snap nix? Or cam we use snap!nix normal as the base for this?

Sure, you can use Snap!nix Classic for this.

Could u help I’m not that good at coding(you don’t have to)?

I remember Joecooldoo making a Snap! Console himself. Glad someone else is making another one as well.

Why not just use an exported XML file and import it?

By the way, there have been at least two physical Snap! project-playing consoles presented at past Snap!Cons.


show em!

what about multiplayer games

Idk we could use mqtt

What’s a snap!con?

but how are you saving this data of an entire script then running it

It's an annual Snap convention.

i have an idea...

huh. wym