Snap!shot mini-conference Saturday 11 December 2021 16h-20h UTC

That's 9am-1pm in California, noon-4pm in New York, and 18h-22h in most of Europe. (You're probably reading this while the USA is on Daylight Savings Time, but we'll switch to Standard Time before Snap!shot. So California will be at UTC-7.)

Last year's Snap!shot was a lot of fun, and we learned a lot, so we're continuing the same schedule. All events will be via Zoom.

The presentations will all be five-minute Lightning talks and/or Show Your Project demos, apart from a short keynote by Jens about the status and features of Snap! 7.0. We want to leave a lot of time and (virtual) space for side conversations. We'll probably hang around afterward if people still want to talk, especially the Californians, who'll just about be properly waking up at 1:00. Not promising anything about the Europeans. :slight_smile:

You're welcome to enroll (free, but you have to do it so we can plan based on the number of participants) and to propose lightning talks at The proposal deadline is November 20. The event is targeted to adults, but young people are welcome too. Please come!

I am most interested in that.

Me as well.

Right, we don't even know yet what Jens will say, because the idea is to give you up-to-the-minute information.

Will it allow late joining? I want to participate, but can't start in time due to Church in the morning.

will you tell us the zoom code when the time comes

what is the time of the day it will be in florida

Florida is in 2 time zones.

Yes of course. Whenever you're ready. But you still need to register.

No, we think a fun activity would be for you to guess it Yes of course. Those who are registered will get an email the day before or thereabouts.


I think I'm gona ask my mom to sign me up for this.

I have already registered. When will you be sending out the Zoom link? Thanks.

Thanks for registering!

It's standard practice to send out Zoom links the day before an event, or even the day of the event, so that they don't leak out and attract bad guys.


Will the mini-conference be recorded and made available? I'm registered but not sure I'll be able to attend all the sessions I would like. Thanks.


I have a separate event happening today, so I will only be able to join some of this live (I think just the first three hours).

I don't think its 16h-20h UTC

My calculations say its 1700-2100 UTC

On every conference entry, there is a "schedule" button to show times based on your locale.
For UTC+1 18 - 21