Snap!shot mini-conference 12/12/2020 4-8pm UTC

That's 9am-1pm in California, noon-4pm in New York, and 18h-22h in most of Europe.

The presentations will all be five-minute Ignite talks, apart from a short keynote TBA. We want to leave a lot of time and (virtual) space for side conversations, which was the biggest difficulty at Snap!Con 2020.

You're welcome to enroll (free, but you have to do it so we can plan based on the number of participants) and to propose lightning talks at Please come!

What is it about?
How do I enroll?

As the announcement says, you register at What it's about depends on what people volunteer to talk about; the general idea is to see what people have been doing with Snap! since our conference in July.

I don't seem able to enroll

Oops try now. Sorry!

Worked :slight_smile:

When I clicked on "Complete Registration" I see only

When I clicked on "Register" it says I'm registered but I didn't receive the email confirmation it mentioned.

Looks like your registered according to my screen

PS I didn't receive an email either

I did not receive any e-mails either, but it did show that I had registered for the conference, so I think it should be fine? Because it includes you in the registered attendees, right?

I'll look into why you're not getting emails. Also, right now there's a two-step process; first you have to "buy" a free ticket, then you use that to register. I think we can improve that but for people already registered make sure you did both steps.

The software was misconfigured. Michael fixed it. Now it'll send emails. No need to post here to confirm!

But apparently we do have to have this silly two-step process. :~(