Snap!Shot 2021 chat

Could you please share the Snap!Shot 2021 zoom chat?

Thank you in advance

Ack I'm just seeing this, sorry! The chat wasn't on Zoom but on Ohyay. The link was in the email you got yesterday and in a clickable link in the schedule.

I meant the chat in the zoom streaming, the one where several links to websites and projects have been shared. Is it possible to share it? Thanks in advance

Oh I see. Yes, Zoom records it, so I suppose we can, if we edit out private messages (to one person, I mean, rather than to the group).

So, can you share it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, we will, but probably edited. I got yelled at last time for posting unedited videos, so I'm waiting for other people on the conference team to do it.