Snap!shot 2020 is Happening Soon! 🎉

:alonzo: Join Us for Snap!shot this weekend! :snap:

We can't believe it's been nearly six months since we gathered for Snap!Con!.

Snap!shot 2020 is a half day event happening this Saturday, Dec 12 at 9AM PST, 5PM UTC

Snap!shot is free, and is an opportunity to hear a dozen lightning talks from fellow Snappers, as well as some time to socialize.

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Registration and Access

Registration is free, and technically all you need is a web browser, but here's a few helpful tips!

  • To register for Snap!shot, please grab a free registration ticket
  • We recommend using the Zoom App. Version 5.3 and later is recommended.
  • Our social sessions will happen in a new tool called Ohyay. They recommend having Chrome for the best experience, though the site also works on other browsers.

We can't wait to see you all so soon!