Snap! Server

Snap! Server

Set communications between sessions easily

Hi there! I was doing a lot of work and I've finally finished which I think is my biggest project ever! :tada:

It is a library which lets you communicate with a server or other users on another sessions with a delay of 100 milliseconds. This lets you run code safely or send other things.

Project Link. Feel free to ask any questions! And thanks for all your contributions! :grinning:

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not shared

not shared and you cant copyright snap projects

bro why you flag

share project pls

Done! Sorry

I think you need to publish a demo example project that shows how to use your library as they look quite complicated

Yeah, I'm really confused about how to use these.

What step you dont understand?

I think lots of the blocks don't have explanations of what the inputs/options should be :slight_smile:

Please put together a demo project that uses them :slight_smile:

Preferably some sort of game as opposed to a chat room

Me and @joecooldoo understand MQTT and even we are confused so no chance that others will be able to use these without a bit more documentation :slight_smile:

Bruh how did this get flagged

Literally everything about it...