Snap! Server Status

Our class is having trouble opening their projects in the Snap! server at Berkeley. Is anyone else having trouble?

It appears that Snap! updated the lists module yesterday which is causing issues.

Using the mirror at allows you to open up the project since it is using the older modules

The MIT mirror doesn't work for me. I log in, it says "logging in" without any complaint, but then the moment I try to open anything, it says I'm not logged into the Snap! cloud.

Do I have to log OUT of Berkeley before I can log IN to MIT?

P.S. Same result as MIT at
P.P.S. explicitly rejects login.

yesterday's changes to lists.js were about something else, these appear to be backend issues with the data base

The only projects that I can't open are the ones that contain lists.
On Firefox, I am getting "TypeError: this.list is undefined" for every project that contains a list.
I am able to open the exact same projects in the MIT mirror.

I have found and fixed the bug. Waiting for the patch to be installed online, then you'll again be able to open the project. Hang on!

We've just now installed the patch, you should be able to open your projects again. Sorry for the hassle!