Snap! -> scratchblocks

[scratchblocks]f <(x position) = [123]> ​{
move (10) steps
} else {
move (10000) steps
} :: control[/scratchblocks]

Snap! to scratchblocks codification project.
It's possible. (And also WIP too)
(Also, I created my own codification blocks since Snap!'s ones aren't versatile enough for accurate scratchblocks conversion when it comes to things like dropdowns and stuff.)>%20scratchblocks


I'm sorry, there must be some kind of occasional glitch when loading custom categories under certain circumstances. I'm patching a fix for this in this weeks update. You can already check it out in the dev version if you like. This lets us load your version of the project:>%20scratchblocks

You might have to first force a hard reload of that Snap! dev version for the patch to become active in your browser.

Please let me know if you encounter any further issues with your project. Thanks!

Cool! This is actually really useful as I always have trouble with non-basic blocks in scratchblocks.

The link you gave works!

Very nice. Reminds me of my reverse codification project.

Wow, I'm glad someone found a way to do this completely in snap. I'm saying this because there was another snap to scratchblocks project, but it was done in javascript. Here it is Help with my scratchblocks project - #9 by dardoro

Great job though. Also, don't let this post demotivate you, in fact, yours is better since it's done without javascript.

Thanks! I assume the commit that fixed it was this one, right?

Added indentation for C blocks to make it look nice. (And also a paste area)
It works

Completed the Motion category.

This is very cool. You should make a library, so people can import it into their project and make Scratchblocks out of their scripts. (And we should make a way for users to publish libraries...)

Once I get to actually completing all of the blocks. (And also all Snap! block features too, which might be difficult).

cool! I know nothing about using scratchblocks so this is very useful! hope it becomes a library

how do you make them apear in the post though, I can't seem to do it

This is really cool!!

About the publishing libraries

Yes. Yes you should.

[scratchblocks]when green flag clicked[/scratchblocks]

[scratchblocks]when green flag clicked[/scratchblocks]
Howewer, when using symbols like @greenFlag, you'll have to surround the scratchblocks tag with `` backticks for single line scripts, and with <p> and </p> for multi-line scripts.

press the @greenFlag :: #ff00ff cap

press the @</span>greenFlag :: #</a>ff00ff cap

Added the entirety of the Sound and Pen categories (and Looks too, earlier).

If you're okay with using JS (maybe as an option to copy code) there is a block that copies text to the clipboard in here: Snap! 7.0.2 - Build Your Own Blocks

Here is my edit of the project with the block: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

The paste area is not really part of the project, it's just so that people can paste generated blocks to test that it works. And also I'd rather still not use JS.