Snap! Roadmap

I was just wondering if there was any type of road map for Snap! features, bugs, bug fixes, etc? Is there a Trello board or something similar to that nature?

No, maybe there should be, but in fact things get pulled in different directions and there's no real overarching plan, except in the vague sense that we know some things we want to do in the long term (my big one is the ability to write programs that read and write programs, as in Lisp).

Occasionally we have an all-hands-on-deck emergency, when there's a new bug that's causing people to lose projects. (There was one earlier today; I woke up to a bazillion new emails.) Those don't last long, knock on wood, but they certainly disrupt any plans we might have made.

Other than that, each of us works on whatever most interests them, except that Jens, who is paid by SAP, has to spend some of his time doing what they want, and Bernat, who is partly paid by grants through EDC (for a program building Snap! curriculum for elementary school math) and Berkeley (for BJC), has to spend some of his time doing what those projects want. (Michael and I are paid by Berkeley, but not really to work on Snap!, so we are loose cannons, so to speak, except that Michael is often the first responder for disasters, especially ones about the web site or cloud server.)

So, I have a list of things I want, to which Jens said he reacted with horror when I showed it to him. :~) But right at the moment I'm working on something that isn't even on that list, namely, better ways to think about color, which will turn up in a library sooner or later. (I hate how half the hue space is taken up by green, and brown isn't a spectral color so isn't a hue at all.)

What I'm supposed to be thinking about is better support for abstract data types, with particular application to the Logo sentence type. Well, except that really I'm supposed to be working on BJC, getting ready for College Board endorsement to go with their new revision to the AP CS Principles curriculum framework. (If you are not a US high school student you aren't expected to understand what that means.)

TL;DR: No, we just muddle along.

Haha, well put, Brian!

My mid-term plan is to integrate microblocks so we can directly work with circuit boards in Snap! and to extend the language to make it more self-reflective, and also to experiment with language levels and incremental optional static typing (don't get too excited about the latter two, they might not happen, haha)

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