SNAP project won't load

HELP!! My latest SNAP project won't load. It says "Load failed: Module uses newer version of Serializer." I don't know what I should be doing to make it work.

Hi. You made the project in our development version 7.0, not yet officially published. To run your project in the dev version, use instead of

Thank you!

how long till snap 7 is out? cuz I made a project the same way but I don't want to come to this link every time.

You'll be the first to know. :~)

We had planned it for before Snap!Con, but securing JS Function kinda got in the way. But I'm not making any promises. At this point we're trying to do it correctly rather than speedily.

Just curious if there are plans to optionally export projects in Snap! 7 in the older format to import into some Snap! variants.

No, we've talked about whether that could be done (obviously only for projects that don't use the v7 features that led to the new format, which mainly means scenes), mainly in the context of recovering projects that were saved during the few hours we accidentally had v7-dev as the published version, but not really about having that as a permanent feature. It's more likely (for the recovery problem) that we'd write an external program à la Snapinator to back-convert.

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