Snap! passes five million projects saved

Forwarded from Jens:

A moment ago our Snap! Cloud has crossed the threshold of 5 Million projects.

Five. Million.

It's just a number, and we've gotten used to big, fast-moving numbers, right? Gosh, no! I've been reloading the counter every couple of minutes to catch the exact moment. I find numbers like this hard to grasp. Our cloud now maintains more projects than either the Apple or Android app stores. Our average user creates not just one but nine Snap! programs. That's more than on any other educational programming site, it shows that our learners are serious about the long haul of CS, and not just in for a quick one-time experiment before they move on.

In the past 30 days more than 32 Thousand unique users have worked with the Snap! programming system and updated projects in our cloud. Think about this for a minute when you think about what it means to be an "active" learner! After a little bit of a COVID slump last year we're once again growing. And now our growth is growing, too!

Success like this takes a broader approach than just offering a great programming language, it takes a curriculum to engage learners. I'm stoked about the brand new "Beauty and Joy of Computing" middle school curriculum Dan and Michael are developing at UC Berkeley, and I'm thrilled about Microsoft TEALS bringing their Snap! based curriculum to schools in Mexico next year. And I'm positively shocked that as of this semester they're even using Snap! at Brown University, the center of hardcore PL research and the lair of HtdP and Pyret.

Gotta stop now before I get all emotional. Ah well, too late for that...
It's just a number :wink:


Excellent achievement.

Wow - that's mindblowing!
Congratulations, Snap!

Fantastic Jens.

Just a very big number!

Wow! 5 million.

daaaanng thats a lot!

Big congrats!

Not to burst your bubble, but I have to confess I cheated, I made accounts with separate email addresses. So 4,999,999. :innocent: [edit]I realize now that dumb joke is even dumber because of course the post is about #projects, not #users

Joking aside, really cool to hear about those other projects (Mexico, middle school, Brown). I have for a while had rolling around in my head, what would it take to set up a local instance of Snap! on an internet-disconnected network, so a cluster of chromebooks could be used to teach programming classes in prisons?

I'm glad that all my projects (And my friends projects) are part of this 5,000,000 projects

Just think, a couple of those users who made projects was me sharing The Beauty And Joy of Computing (Not the class...) with my friends. Great achievement! :smiley:

This is such s humoungus achievement (i cant spell)

It's "humongous"


This is amazing. I may have helped a little because I have over 100 projects saved online, most of them are unshared though.

*cough cough*, scratch, *cough cough*

If you're coughing and scratching so much, maybe you should see a doctor!


LOL indeed

do you know what scratch is?

I've always wondered why it's called "Scratch".

Seriously, why is it called "Scratch"? Even "Snap" means something - "Snapping" blocks together as you do with puzzle pieces.

What does "Scratch" mean? "Scratching" puzzle pieces doesn't make sense, as to "Scratching" blocks together doesn't make sense

I guess you'd have to look though the scratch wiki for that.

Snap! was built from the opposite of that. They don't want social features because it makes it more of a social media concept then coding.