Snap os thingy idk!%20OS_emu
enable javascript extensions

I like the idea but the experience wasn't all that great.

  • The game turned off my cursor and I never got it back.
  • It never switched to the actual OS and I had to switch it manually.
  • Only one of the apps worked, which brought me to a menu with gibberish in it.
  • It uses javascript. I feel safer not turning it on.
  • The javascript only switches your cursor to a Roblox classic-looking cursor; what's the point?
  • When logging off you get some pre-built error message about sudo mode or whatever.

its literally just a test

also i like the look of the cursor, im gonna make it so you can switch it to different cursors

Snap OS already exists I'm afraid..

by the way it shouldnt make you switch the scene manually