Snap! or Logo (just seeking info)

How would LOGO compare with Snap! (the underlying language) if the goal was to connect solidly with & build upon the math students learn in school (algebra, functions, etc) ?

Is there an actively maintained block-based LOGO environment?


I think Snap! pretty much is the block-based Logo.

The big advantage of Snap! compared with Logo is that it's easier to fit into a math course without spending a lot of time on notation. And, you know, it's immediately appealing to kids because of the graphic storytelling.

One additional thing is that we've recently adapted Snap! to hosting Parsons problems by letting a project restrict what blocks are visible in the palette.

But I think both languages have the full range of high school functions -- polynomial, trig, exponential. (In both cases, angles are measured in degrees, which may not be ideal in an Algebra II class.)

Thank you, Brian !

Is your Logo book available in soft copy?

[Edit: found it]

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