Snap Object Show Community

A place for people to share projects about object shows, really not that hard to understand. not sure if this is allowed so if this conflicts with something else please let me know.

yes we all need this in our lives

well now its just kinda... yknow, waiting till one of us hits it. and by one of us i mean me, i must hit it firs tbecause i must make the osc here!!!!!!!! !! !

What's an object show?

PS Welcome to the forum!

A show like Battle for dream island, where 20 animated inanimate objects compete to win an island called dream island and let all the other objects in. Some examples are "Inanimate Insanity", "Brawl of the Objects" and so much more!

Ah. I see.

i did make an object show episode made fully in snap about 1 and a half years ago