Snap!nix development (Part 2)

which ones?
also, some blocks are impossible to turn into text and the updates to the snap editor may have broken them even more.

these ones (i changed their category)

dont use those

are you using this?


please switch to the project i linked
but not yet; forgot snap formatted json now
lemme add a block rq

the blocks that you are using are quite buggy..
use the new ones here: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
(I fixed the json formatting fanciness)


what are you trying to point out?

Is it supposed to be like that?

this is what it says with the json fanciness on


note that some blocks are impossible to convert to text


some Lists category blocks
it is impossible to determine the amount of inputs for some blocks

is the list reporter itself good?


Okay good

what exactly are you using these for, anyway?