Reverse Codification 2

This library can handle any script, making it very reliable. This project is also lightweight because you don't need to store a library in the cloud for it to work. And the blocks take up barely any storage (It's around 21 KB of space). Here is the link: Snap! 7.1.3 - Build Your Own Blocks

In case you're wondering, it only took about 2 hours to make this.

Looks quite similar to my project.

Very good project! 21 KB!! Although there are some bugs and problems you have to solve.

Oh that's very nice.

One thing you could do to make the code more readable, since you're already using the string library, is this:

But also, you do this a million times, so it should be a subprocedure!

(That ellipsis is kind of a pain in the neck. Maybe JOIN should turn the entire script into text when the script is more than one block long. I dunno.)

Obtw, I should complain to Jens about this: He uses "%clockwise" to represent the ⟳ symbol, but "%" is for variables. It's really confusing to see "turn %clockwise %n degrees" for a block with one input.

That's a beautiful category color, by the way!

That's true. That's why I use "turn %n degrees" and "c turn %n degrees" instead.

Like what

That's fake. Look:

I meant to fix those. I haven't yet.

Ok, there are more bugs:

Any block that has that error will be fixed in the next update.

Once again, that's a lie. Look:

That's strange. Maybe it depends on the device you use?

Try reloading and trying again. I ran the script on a fresh page.

Nope. I always get the same result:


This one throws an error for me.

I forgot how to export a list

Just right-click a list and click export

Screenshot 2022-02-10 2.23.32 PM

Click on and it will show a list that you can export.