Snap!nix development (Part 2)

Alright. I'm making an app called TEA (terminal executable application) which will allow you to run apps.

tea upload // will open your file picker to choose a snap script to run
tea (file) // runs a file on the disk

not done yet

I have to go to school though

ok have fun

I have an few more mins though


I have to go okay

But, I'm already working on the startx command. :frowning:

hey i have a huge test rn but im making a command to run apps using @joecooldoo's codification blocks, should be done later

Okay! (I wrote the file system, ready for your use!)

Make sure to document your changes in the wiki!

Commands are just ringed blocks saved to files inside /bin/CommandName

I posted this on the wiki but i think I could add a file saving system that worked with real files

what do you guys need me to work on? i will do it after school (in about 5 and a half hrs)

I can’t seem to make them work though

It's fine. I was going to add the ls, cd, and pwd commands, along with mkdir, touch, and rm.


Is anyone there?

Remember: Patience is key. Don't put too many messages.

Okay also in school we are learning about response and inhibition and meta cognition which is think about thinking or think about how good you’ve done