Snap!nix development (Part 2)

how do i get to collabsnap?

Click on link

oh, thanks!

Hey are you still here


I'm sorry. I'm home, but I can't use my computer much after this. I'll tie the windowing system into Snap!nix tomorrow.

ive read through part one and i wanna help


Are you good at coding or like low level stuff?

Im good at coding

And I also like css and html and js

also the fact that you replied right as i turned on my chromebook O_O


Are you good at coding stuff like low level operations

Like parts of an computer if not you can try to code some apps just go to the project do startx command and then add some stuff that is what we got we also got aces other things

uhhhhh, yes?
I guess it depends on what parts specifically

The url is Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

ive been working on a mod since last night
I read entirely through part one and part two

I think we might need help with wel… go wild

Oh can I have the project url for the mod?