Snap!nix development (Part 1)

Are you there?


I would probably be open to help with a pen-based GUI. what would be needed?

Maybe I think we would need some apps and stuff for the thing just get the project and do startx

Could you port my GNOME to Snap!?

Try running startx on the version in the wiki.

Scratch is blocked at my school, so I'll have to wait until I get home until I could work on that.
Could you potentially send screenshots so I could see it while I'm at school right now?

No didn’t it wasn’t compatible but i think you can make another one or use this one





Sounds good, I will try to recreate that in Snap!.

Use the Thing

Where do you want me to send it once I am done?

Or make it original

No. SciSnap! doesn't support GTK.


Okay so send it to Snap! Build Your Own Blocks