Snap!nix development (Part 1)

Anyone wanna develop

why not
what did you plan on doing

So I think we should plan on making an OS but first we need an kernel and bootloader and terminal first you work on terminal okay? And I will work on an kernel

I’ll try to make a terminal
what do you want the functions to be

How about like just be creative with it maybe add some custom blocks if you want

also what should we call this os

And then when you are ready send me the project url but we should called it BlueOS you agree?

And when I am done I will also send you my project url

blue os sounds fine
But I have to do something so
Tot zeins


My project

Anyone else wanna join the collab

BlueOS is the usual winner of the OSwars on Scratch. We should try something less used.

Can I join? I can make a file system!

Yes you can and maybe we can name it something we agree on



Awh dang it, wish I could but I'm not good at Coding with OS's and stuff. You need help with something like applications? I can try.

Umm are you good at GUI?

Umm are you good at GUI?

Hm...well...I'm not really good at GUI either. But I'll let my own results speak for themselves.

That was an unfinished Code Emulator project I made a while ago and I made plenty of Buttons for it. I don't know if the style is one you like though.